Case study: the role of the 'three conversations model' in Trafford


The implementation of the Care Act 2014 and wider public sector reforms have created an opportunity for Trafford Council to 'rethink' their current system of adult social care. The introduction of an asset-based delivery model in the form of ‘three conversations’ has changed the nature of the interaction between staff and service users to support strengths-based conversations, which build on community assets and individual resilience. This approach is more proportionate to people’s needs, improving outcomes by focusing on what they want to achieve, and ultimately reducing the burden of care on the council and making adult social care services more sustainable in the long term. Attend this session to:

  • Understand the ‘three conversations model’
  • Learn about the ‘three conversations’ journey so far in Trafford:
    • What did we set out to change?
    • What have we achieved?
    • Case studies
  • Hear about the journey ahead


Mark Albiston, strategic lead, central neighbourhood (lead professional adult social care), Trafford Council
Jennifer McErlain, business change analyst, Vision 2031 portfolio team, Trafford Council
Sadiq Adebambo, senior practitioner - ‘three conversations model’, Trafford Council

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