Community Care Live Manchester 2018 Programme

With over 25 sessions providing essential learning and CPD for social workers and managers, our seminar programme will equip you to meet the key challenges of your role, enhance your legal literacy and enable you to learn from leading experts.

Please note that the seminar programme is subject to change. We are in the process of finalising the programme so bookmark this page for the latest updates.

Room Area Time Session
Charter 2 09.00-10.15 Session TBC
Charter 1 Adults, Legal 09.15-10.30 Panel discussion: do we need a new Mental Health Act?
Professor Sir Simon Wessely, Ruth Allen, Steve Chamberlain
Charter 4 Children, Management 9.30-10.45 Embedding the knowledge and skills statements in training and performance management
Steve Walker
Charter 1 Children, Legal 10.45-12.00 Preparing a balance sheet for court proceedings
Michael Jones
Charter 2 Adults, Children 11.00-12.15 Modern slavery: your role in protecting victims
Kate Garbers
Charter 4 Adults, Management 11.15-12.30 Case study: the role of the 'three conversations model' in Trafford
Mark Albiston, Jennifer McErlain and Sadiq Adebambo
Charter 1 Children, Legal 13.00-14.00 Deprivation of liberty of children and young people: legal update
Polly Sweeney
Charter 2 13.15-14.15 Session TBC
Charter 4 Management 13.30-14.30 Community Care’s retention risk tool (session by invitation only)
Judy Cooper, Liz Frost and Paul Angeli
Charter 2 Children 14.30-15.30 Routes to achieving permanence for children: foster carers who adopt
Elaine Dibben and Clare (foster carer)
Charter 1 Adults, Children 14.45-15.45 Geese theatre session: controling and coercive behaviour
Speakers TBC
Charter 4 Adults, Children 15.00-16.00 Introduction to working with people diagnosed with personality disorder
Keir Harding
Charter 2 Adults, Children 16.00-17.00 Introduction to working with alcohol use and related experiences
Wulf Livingstone
Charter 1 Adults, Legal 16.15-17.15 Care Act: lessons from case law
Yogi Amin
Charter 4 Management 16.30-17.30 The importance of effective professional supervision
Cathie Jasper
Room Area Time Session
Charter 2 Children 09.00-10.15 Understanding cross-county child criminal exploitation
Vicky Brotherton
Charter 1 Adults, Legal 09.15-10.30 Understanding the law on deprivation of liberty in the community
Anna Moore
Charter 4 Adults, Children, Management 09.30-10.45 Creating trauma-informed practitioners and organisations
David Shemmings
Charter 2 Adults, Children 10.45-12.00 Working with parents with learning disabilities
Nadine Tilbury
Charter 1 Adults, Legal 11.00-12.15 Best interests decision making: legal refresher
Alex Ruck Keene
Charter 4 Adults, Children, Management 11.15-12.30 Rising homelessness: what is the social work response?
Speaker TBC
Charter 2 Children 13.15-14.15 Case study: the Pause project
Speaker TBC
Charter 1 Adults, Legal 13.30-14.30 Continuing healthcare: understanding the law and your role in the process
Morag Duff
Charter 4 Adults, Children, Management 13.45-14.45 Somerset County Council case study: a systematic approach to social work leadership
Dr Barbara McKay
Charter 1 Children, Legal 14.45-15.45 Section 20 accommodation: understanding the law and using it appropriately
Speaker TBC
Charter 4 Management 15.15-16.15 Promoting reflective practice: what practice educators and supervisors can do
Prospera Tedam

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