Continuing healthcare: understanding the limits of social care provision under the Care Act

15:30 – 16:30

Correctly identifying the legal limits of local authority provision under the Care Act is essential to understanding when an individual is entitled to NHS continuing healthcare (CHC) and moves from a means-tested system to one that is free at the point of delivery. However, 11 years on from the introduction of national eligibility criteria, there remain huge regional variations in eligible numbers, demonstrating that this is still a challenging area for practitioners to apply the law. The recent revision of the National Framework for CHC is the latest attempt to introduce greater clarity to this difficult subject following on from a series of critical reports from stakeholders and from Parliament itself. This session will help you build your understanding of CHC by providing an analysis of recent developments in this complex area, including:

  • How the Care Act limits the health services that local authorities are permitted to provide
  • How this limit relates to the ‘primary health need’ test determining eligibility for continuing healthcare
  • The impact of changes to the National Framework and other ongoing initiatives


Morag Duff, independent specialist healthcare consultant

*Please note there is a fee of £29 +VAT (£24 + VAT if booked before 27 July 2018) to reserve your place at this session.*

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