Section 20 accommodation: Understanding the law and using it appropriately

09:45 – 11:00

Though the latest figures show a drop in the number of section 20 arrangements, concerns remain about how well social workers understand these arrangements and how appropriately they are used. This session will provide an overview on the law on section 20 and:

  • Explore the original principles underpinning section 20 and the breadth of ways that practitioners, families and children may encounter section 20 arrangements
  • Analyse the role and legal significance of parental consent and objection in section 20 cases
  • Identify misuses and misunderstandings of the law currently being picked up on by the courts


Oliver Millington, barrister, 9 Gough Square chambers

*Please note there is a fee of £29 +VAT (£24 + VAT if booked before 27 July 2018) to reserve your place at this session.*

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