Exhibitor Booth Guides

This page provides information to help you manage your virtual booth at Community Care Virtually Live 2020

  • The Exhibitor Guide gives you clear step by step instructions on how to manage the back end of your booth. There are accompanying video clips below to help demonstrate, and these are marked in the guide.

Click here to download the Exhibitor Guide

Demo videos, as used in the Exhibitor Guide can be found here:

Video A (can also be found on Vimeo by clicking here)

Video B (can also be found on Vimeo by clicking here)

  • The Troubleshooting Guide is provided by the BigMarker event platform and gives instructions on how to resolve any technical issues that may arise.

Click here to download the Troubleshooting Guide

  • The Attendee User Guide provides details on how to access and navigate the event from a delegate/attendee point of view.

Click here to download the Attendee User Guide 

  • An Attendee Journey Presentation has been put together here to give you a view of how an attendee will navigate the event (it can also be viewed by clicking here):