The return of CQC assessments of council adults’ services: what it means for you

10/11/2022 14:15 - 15:15

The Care Quality Commission is due to start assessing local authorities on the performance of their adult social care duties from next year, following the passage of the Health and Care Act 2022. While councils continue to be assessed on their children’s social care performance, adults’ services have not been evaluated since 2010.

In this session, the CQC will set out its plans for assessing council performance and set out what this will mean for practitioners and managers. Attend the session for and understanding of:

  • The standards against which the CQC will assess councils’ performance.
  • How the CQC will carry this out, including the role of inspection and the frequency of assessment.
  • The extent to which assessments will examine the practice of social workers and occupational therapists, and the extent they are supported to practise well.
  • The consequences of poor assessments for local authorities.

Mary Cridge, director of adult social care, Care Quality Commission