Masterclass: Reinventing children in need practice

10/13/2020 10:30 - 11:30

Traditional children in need processes can often feel alien to families, rather than a way of helping them improve children’s lives.

Following a review, led by practitioners, Essex County Council introduced a new approach to children in need in 2019 by putting families at the centre.

This culture shift has involved practitioners co-writing plans with families, stripping out jargon, so the plan is something families recognise and can feel ownership of. The feedback so far, from families and practitioners alike, has been positive as parents have said that the process is more based on what they want to achieve for their families.

Come along to this masterclass in The Essex Theatre to hear Essex practitioners share:

  • How they took a practitioner-led, solution-focused approach to reinventing children in need practice.
  • How language can be practitioners’ most important tool of intervention, leading to a shift in power dynamics and jargon-free, family-led approach to planning.
  • The value of starting children in need planning with a vision of ending. 
  • Techniques and tools to use in child in need reviews.
  • How to bring children in need processes together with creative and empowering direct social work practice.

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Ahana Kalluri, service manager, assessment and intervention and children and young people with disabilities service, Essex County Council

Luke Goldie-McSorley, practice supervisor, Essex County Council