ESSEX COUNTY COUNCIL: Using direct work with adults to affect change in families

14:15 - 15:15

In this workshop, Essex County Council will explore how creative and unconventional ideas can complement direct work with adults in child and families’ social work. Drawing on the council’s use of relationship-based and systemic approaches, the workshop will demonstrate how children’s social workers can achieve and support effective sustainable change for the adults they work with.

Attend to learn about:

  • Creative ways to complete genograms, timelines and ecomaps
  • New ways to use the Child’s Needs Jigsaw
  • How to explain childhood trauma to adults in ways that help them understand the impact their past has on their parenting
  • Working with adults one-to-one to bring about effective and sustainable change and, where appropriate, for the purpose of completing court-directed assessments

Sharon Isted, team manager, Essex County Council

Carley Goodman, family centre worker, Essex County Council

Melanie Noel, senior practitioner, Essex County Council