LEGAL LEARNING SESSION: Sibling placements: lessons from case law

15:30 - 16:30

The importance of siblings being placed together when in their best interests, or maintaining contact when placed apart, is widely accepted in theory, but can pose many challenges in practice.

This session looks at what the law says on sibling placements and how this can be translated into good practice. Attend to hear:

  • A summary of what legislation, case law and statutory guidance says about placing siblings, challenging assumptions and myths
  • Examples of cases where guidance or the law has not been followed
  • How social workers can use the law and other measures to promote sibling relationships, for example through best practice in care proceedings and placement finding and the use of contact orders

Please note there is a fee of £29 + VAT to reserve your place at this session.

Malcolm MacDonald, barrister, the 36 Group