SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL: Motivational interviewing in family safeguarding

11:30 - 12:45

Family safeguarding is an approach to social work which ensures that all practitioners involved with a family work in a team and share the concerns and risks.  It also involves more collaborative working with families and, where appropriate, seeks to keep children with their families.

At the heart of this work is motivational interviewing, a technique which empowers parents to make the positive changes needed to achieve better outcomes for their children by strengthening their motivation for change.

Come along to this session to:

  • Grasp the basic principles of motivational interviewing
  • Learn some motivational interviewing techniques
  • Understand how motivational interviewing is supporting the family safeguarding approach in Surrey

Alasdair Cant, director, Alasdair Cant and Associates

Sharon Davidson, service manager, Surrey Children's Services Academy