Co-producing mental health support – leadership, practice and the voice of lived experience

10/13/2021 15:30 - 16:30

As health and social care services move towards greater integration we have a real opportunity to rethink how mental health support is commissioned and delivered, and to address the inequalities that have been baked into the existing system over time.

We want to see mental health support achieve the same status as other health and social care support; with a person-centred approach that meets individual needs and offers real choice and control being at the centre of our offer.  To get to this point will require strong practice, leadership, vision, and co-production.

This session will consider what is needed if we are to successfully transform mental health support for the future, in particular:

  • Do we have a vision for mental health in an integrated world?
  • What our roles as practitioners, leaders, commissioners, and people with lived experience, are in achieving that vision.
  • How we can ensure that, as we work together to develop our vision and support, we embed co-production so the voice of those with lived experience is at the centre of everything we do.