Social work after Covid

10/13/2021 09:45 - 11:00

The Covid-19 pandemic and successive lockdowns have changed the face of UK social work, creating new areas of need and leaving others hidden, exposing and exacerbating existing inequalities, changing working practices and putting practitioners and those they work with at heightened risk. As the profession comes out of Covid, what lessons have been learned about working arrangements, practice approaches and how best to work with the communities social workers serve? How can social work ‘build back better’?

 Attend this panel discussion for:

  • Reflections on the lasting effects of Covid-19 on the people and communities practitioners support and how social workers can respond to this beyond the pandemic.
  • An exploration of what the profession has learned from working through Covid, in terms of working practices and approaches to practice, and how these lessons can be applied in future.
  • Consideration of the impact Covid has had on social workers’ wellbeing and mental health and the implications of this for the future of the profession.