Exploitation does not stop at 18: safeguarding young people in transition

10/14/2020 13:30 - 14:30

The challenge of managing transition from children’s to adults’ for young disabled people has long been recognised, while in recent years the profile of the risks faced by adolescents, particularly outside the family, has increased within children’s services.

However, this has exposed a gap in the support often faced by young people who are victims of exploitation or grooming when they turn 18, as adults’ services fail to assume responsibilities for them unless they are disabled.

This session will look at how services can better respond to the needs of young people at risk who are in transition to adulthood, focusing on:

  • The impact of unresolved trauma in shaping the needs of young adults.
  • How the flexible interpretation of a ‘care and support’ need under the Care Act 2014 can provide the basis of a transitional safeguarding response.
  • The duration of adolescence and how this should be reflected in service design.
  • The importance of seeing young people as young people first, rather than either victims or perpetrators.
  • Engaging multi-agency partners in a transitional safeguarding approach.

Samantha Keith, service manager, safeguarding adults and DoLS, Newcastle City Council