Managing the impact of death on your team

10/14/2020 13:30 - 14:30

Community Care research conducted in May 2020 showed that 30% of practitioners knew a colleague who had been seriously ill or died from Covid-19. There can be no return to ‘normal life’ when thousands of people have been bereaved by the sudden, unexpected deaths of friends, family and colleagues. The ‘new normal’ will necessitate coming to terms and making meaning from this unparalleled grief.

This pre-recorded session will cover:

  • The impact of sudden, unexpected death (as opposed to a planned, expected death).
  • How managers can support their social workers and team throughout the initial period after a death and in the longer term.
  • The increased impact of Covid-19 on black, Asian and minority ethnic social workers and service users.
  • How managers can ensure they get the support they need too.

Dr Denise Turner, senior lecturer in social work