Creating a learning culture (INVITE ONLY)

09:45 - 11:00

There is a “complexity and unpredictability inherent in multi-agency safeguarding and child protection work” (ADCS, 2012) – and in social work more generally. Cultivating a ‘learning culture’ within children’s and adults’ services has been mooted as one way to manage this complexity. This practical, interactive session – based on exclusive research carried out for Community Care – will cover:

  • What a learning culture is, and why developing one is important
  • The barriers facing local authorities when developing a learning culture
  • The key elements that need to be in place to allow a learning culture to flourish
  • Practical ways of introducing these elements, with supporting case studies from local authorities working in an innovative way

Ruth Hardy, associate product manager, Community Care

Katie Sharman, client partner lead, Community Care Inform